About Us

ECS was started in 1995 as part of TexGlass Industries. In the late 90’s, several divisions focused on manufacturing and distributing commodity products were spun off leaving our staff to focus on providing engineered solutions for the pollution control market.

Our primary focus is environmental systems for the municipal odor control market. Clients include municipalities, engineering firms, developers, private individuals and OEM clients who incorporate our technology / offerings into their package systems.

The ECS state of the art manufacturing facility is located at 2201 Taylor’s Valley Road in Belton, Texas. Our staff is made up of over 50 highly trained individuals who each share the ECS sense of pride. Details about our equipment and staff capabilities can be found in our qualification statement.

Our founders have a long-term business focus which involves taking care of our client’s needs. Instead of making a “fast buck”, we strive to provide over the top service and impeccable quality. The best way to describe what you will find with ECS is “value”. We offer excellent products at a reasonable price and back them up with un-matched service.

ECS has over 20 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of Pollution Control Systems, process vessels and accessories with installations all over North America. ECS sets itself apart from other odor control companies by providing a complete system – from source to solution. Sales, design, project management, manufacturing and inventory items are located together in our 100,000 sq ft facility in central Texas. ECS Environmental Solutions and Engineered Composite Systems are divisions of TexGlass Industries, a family owned and operated company since 1997.

ECS operates out of a 96,000 sq ft facility located in Belton, TX. In this one location reside sales, manufacturing, engineering, product development, project management and service operations. This seamless approach to business allows us to translate customer needs directly into customer solutions.

Quality is a hallmark of the ECS manufacturing cycle with a well-established Quality Assurance program. In addition, all systems undergo a detailed hydraulic and electrical function test prior to shipment. High standards of quality are maintained by documented and thorough inspection procedures for critical purchased components such as FRP vessels and electrical control components, as well as for all machined parts. Systems are carefully assembled and thoroughly tested for up to 24 hours. Overall quality control is the responsibility of the Manufacturing Manager.


ECS has a project management team to assist owners and contractors during system commissioning. ECS project managers participate in engineering and design with a hands-on understanding of the nuances of the manufacturing process. This facilitates the production of real equipment from the imagined. ECS’ service capability far exceeds the minimum requirement of industry standards and customer expectations.


ECS process engineering group provides the practical expertise for designing and installing treatment systems. The process engineering group becomes involved at the design test stage and follows a given project through process specification, materials selection, process control, quality control testing and installation. Individual responsibility is the key to ensuring project congruence and high quality.

ECS’ product engineering group includes electrical and mechanical engineering personnel as well as mechanical and electrical CAD designers. This group has many years of experience in designing and building odor control systems.


Once a contract has been awarded to ECS, the point of contact is transferred from the responsibility of the sales representative to the Project Manager. He works with the customer’s representative to ensure that all of the contract requirements are satisfied in a timely and effective manner. This effort includes issue of drawings, coordinating drawings approval with the owner’s representative, issuing Operating and Maintenance manuals, and coordinating ECS’ training of the owner’s operation and maintenance personnel as well as technical supervision during the commissioning of the odor control system.


ECS is continually working on new and improved ways of treating odorous compounds. Radial flow carbon adsorption for reduced footprint and fan horsepower along with new synthetic biological filter media for longer filter media life are only a couple of new processes that ECS will bring to the market place to help improve the efficiency of odor control. ECS currently has several patent pending applications that would lead to great advancements in the area of odor control technologies.

Continuing projects for ECS R&D personnel include extending the application of biological treatment through the development of innovative processes, improving the commercial application and competitiveness of existing processes and researching areas of new application.




Control Options

ECS offers a full range of odor control options; selection is typically based on the following criteria:

  • Odor compounds
  • Flow rate
  • Available space
  • Client experience /preference
  • Lifecycle and capital costs

Odor Control Systems

Odor control technology offerings include:

  • Activated Carbon
  • Chemical Scrubbers
  • ECS Ex-Pac Degasifiers
  • Biological Solutions

Odor Control Accessories

ECS Environmental Solutions offers a full range of accessories to complement our Odor Control Systems. Each of these components has been designed by ECS engineering staff and is manufactured in our Texas facility.


Media Exchange and Sales

ECS stocks a range of carbon and specialty media in our Texas warehouse. We offer aftermarket sales and full exchange service solutions.

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Odor and Media Testing Service

Trained technical personnel can conduct on-site odor testing. ECS can also conduct media testing to determine disposal requirements.

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Expertise to optimize an existing odor control system or equipment.

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Equipment Repair

Repair and/or replace broken components to get your system up and running properly.

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Equipment Services

ECS has a variety of temporary odor control systems available.

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